About us

Options Homebuyers are based in Hull, East Yorkshire and we bring together property sellers and buyers. We are able to provide you with a choice of whether to sell your home using a well-known, reputable estate agency or to sell it more quickly to a cash buyer. The process works like this:

  • When you contact us we will immediately arrange for a property valuer to visit your house.
  • Within 24 hours of the valuer meeting you, we will be able to make you a CASH offer which will enable a quick turnaround, meaning that the money will be in your bank faster. Alternatively, if you would prefer we will pass your property to our Agents and they will sell your house to try to achieve a higher price using the traditional sales method.
  • Once a purchase price has been agreed then we will instruct a firm of local Solicitors on your behalf and they will deal with the legal side of the sale for you.

What are the fees?

The whole process is free to you. The sales commission is paid by the buyer on completion of the sale, so provided that you use a solicitor of our choice you will not be responsible for any payments at any time. http://web-graphic-design.net/ (You may choose to appoint your own Solicitors but you will then become responsible for paying them for the work that they do for you.)

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