Avoid Repossession

Repossession is an extremely stressful experience, which is definitely best avoided wherever possible.

We can work with you to prevent this becoming a reality by proceeding quickly and efficiently with a cash property purchase. We understand the importance of moving quickly to avoid accruing further charges and interest payments.

k2055175It’s never too late. Even if you are about to go to court, you may still avoid a repossession by having a cash sale agreed. If you are able to explain to the court that a sale is instructed and should go through promptly then often the lenders will be asked to give you more time before proceeding with repossession. You may also have the option of renting back the property if this is what you want.

As you are probably aware, repossession will adversely affect your credit rating making obtaining a mortgage in the future very difficult. Paying off the mortgage and avoiding repossession will put you in a strong position enabling you to make up your own mind about all of your financial decisions.

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