Sale for Other Reasons?

Money problems / Difficulty selling

You may have advertised you home for sale previously with an estate agency without success, or you may be on the market now but feeling that you are not getting anywhere. If that’s the case then why not give us a call and we can provide a fresh approach and the option of a quick cash sale.

In a nutshell, if the other options have failed and you are under pressure to complete a quick sale then we can help.

Divorce and separation

There is help at hand if you are struggling through a divorce and need help in taking the hassle out of selling your property. We understand that selling your home or other properties as part of a legal separation can be upsetting, but you can make the process significantly easier with a quick sale that frees up the funds enabling you to settle more quickly.



Bereavement is a traumatic and distressing time in anyone’s life. If you are looking for a way of selling your property quickly and moving on with your life without worrying about estate agents, advertising, broken house chains etc. then we can help.

This situation can leave some people feeling tired and confused. There are so many things to organise and people to contact. With so much to do, you probably don’t need the worry and turmoil of trying to sell a house. We can quickly make you a no obligation offer for the sale of your house, which can be completed very fast and efficiently.

Health & Illness issues

Most people tend to take good health for granted, but when a worrying health problem occurs it can have an enormous influence on your friends and family members. It can also have a devastating impact on your finances if you are unable to work or achieve the same level of income that you are used to

We can assist you in taking care of these types of problems by releasing urgently needed cash from property to pay for medical fees, or to allow you to move quickly to more suitable accommodation.


If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being made redundant or out of work for any other reason, it may be that you will struggle to meet the repayments on your mortgage. If having weighed up the options you decide that you need to sell your home quickly then we can help.


Having a valuable property is certainly useful in retirement, as it provides you with the option of downsizing or using equity release to unlock cash from the asset. It may be that you have the time to carefully plan the sale and that a cash sale is not the best option for you. At Options we are able to offer advice and provide an open market valuation as well as providing an indicative cash offer.


There was a time when the majority of us would have lived and worked in the town or city where we were born and raised. These days, in our modern and mobile society, it is common for families to be spread across the country and move around with increasing frequency. Moving house for many of us no longer means a move to a new road or street but a complete relocation and the issues involved are far more complex. If you need to move quickly then we can help by either selling your home in the traditional way if there is time, or via a quick cash sale


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