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Quick House Sales

Selling a home is something that many people will do only a few times in their lives. It can be a complicated process and most people will enlist the help of an Estate Agent under normal circumstances. It may be that you would be best served to try this method of selling your home first, but if you need or would prefer a quick sale then we also offer an alternative.

There are several stages to a successful property sale and along with our legal team we will take care of all aspects of the sales process on your behalf.


Within a short time of you calling us and with your permission, we will visit you and carry out a brief inspection of your home. This is a free valuation. The buyer may also wish for a surveyor to visit the house but this will also be a very quick process and will be paid for by the buyer.

Our legal department is ready and waiting to deal with all of our property sales, so if you sell your house fast with us you’ll have a dedicated solicitor and a smooth property sale.

If you need a really quick deal then we can usually deliver this within a few days, but if you require a bit more time then that’s fine. At least you will have the peace of mind to know that your buyer is ready to complete as soon as the legal work can be done.

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