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Whether you have exhausted the traditional route of selling your home, or simply need to avoid any time delays, associated costs and stress, then Options could be your answer. Our aim is to make the process for a quick sale easy and straightforward.

There are no upfront payments and no hidden charges. We offer a transparent service with all terms and conditions agreed prior to going ahead. The offer that we make for your property is what you will get, you will not be charged if we sell your home and legal fees are included as part of the service. After an offer is made you are under no obligation to proceed and should you choose not to accept the offer, we will not persist in contacting you.

There are many reasons why a quick sale may be necessary and there may be a variety of obstacles in your way. Some of these obstacles may appear too complicated to overcome. Below are some examples which may ring true with your situation.


* I can’t pay my mortgage, debts are mounting up and I need to avoid bankruptcy

As you may already know, repossession would adversely affect your credit rating, making future borrowing extremely difficult. If your mortgage is already in arrears you are likely to be accruing charges and interest, so put an end to the mounting debt with a quick cash sale. You may even have the option of renting back your home http://design-advices.com/, avoiding the upheaval of moving. Alternatively we would be able to assist you in finding a suitable property to relocate to, using our experience and local knowledge of Hull and the surrounding area.

* I have a troublesome tenant who is not paying their rent

As a landlord there are legal procedures which must be followed in order to evict a tenant, regardless of their conduct. This can take a long time, causing your costs to accrue. We are usually able to make you an offer to buy the house with the tenant still in. Should you choose to accept the offer then we can take the problem out of your hands.

* I could be in danger of losing my dream house

If you do not have time to sell your house on the open market and have found the house that you desperately want to buy, we can put you in a favorable position, by offering a quick completion of your existing home. Regardless of the condition of your property we would make you a cash offer, averting the need to spend time and money preparing your house for market, and giving you the quick sale that you need.

sold-sign-hi* I have inherited a property

If you wish to proceed with a quick sale avoiding the associated upkeep costs of a property that you have inherited, then Options can assist you. We can release the cash value of the property for you, quickly and without the additional stress of viewings etc.

Alternatively, should time not be an issue, we can aim to achieve full market value within our Hull based estate agency.

Regardless of your situation, why not give us a call and see how our experienced team can assist you.

In a nutshell, if the other options have failed and you are under pressure to complete a quick sale then we can help.

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